Position is for the 2021-2022 School Year. 


This posting will create a pool of applicants. As openings become available, these applicants will be reviewed and considered for an interview.



The Rio Rancho Public School District will pay fees for pre-employment drug testing and the Department of Transportation (DOT) physical for all Bus Driver applicants who are selected to be Bus Driver Trainees.


Training Hourly Pay   

Bus Driver applicants for are selected to be Bus Driver Trainees will be paid at the hourly rate of $13.99 as they participate in the mandatory bus driver training program.



Pre-employment Qualifications:


  1. Must successfully pass a background check
  2. Must successfully pass drug testing
  3. Must successfully meet medical qualification standards on the DOT Physical for CDL Licensing Medical Certification


Minimum Qualifications:


  1. High school diploma or equivalent is preferred
  2. No more than one preventable accident in the past driving year
  3. Minimum age of 21 years old
  4. 3 years of general driving experience
  5. Proficiency in reading, writing and communicating in English
  6. Must successfully pass background checks
  7. Must successfully pass pre-employment drug testing
  8. Must successfully meet medical qualification standards on the DOT Physical for CDL Licensing Medical Certification
  9. Must be able to complete the bus driver training program within 45 days and be qualified and licensed to drive a school bus within 60 days. The training program includes the following:
    •    Training Overview & Policies and Procedures
    •    Standards for Providing Transportation for Eligible Students
    •    Pre Trip Vehicle Inspection
    •    School Bus Driver Security Training
    •    Safety Equipment
    •    Mirrors Adjustment
    •    Reference Point Driving
    •    Passenger Management
    •    Transporting Students with Disabilities Awareness
    •    Drug and Alcohol Awareness
    •    Coaching the School Bus Driver
    •    First Aid & CPR Training
    •    Complete 4 Part DMV Test for Issuance of Commercial Learners Permit (CLP)
    •    Behind the Wheel Training
    •    Observation Time
    •    Defensive Driving Course
    •    Bus Attendant Training
      • Complete the Behind-the-Wheel Skill Evaluation Test for Issuance of Commercial Drivers License (CDL) with Passenger (P) and School Bus (S) endorsements


Essential Job Responsibilities:


  1. The Bus Driver Trainee will function and drive without students:
    • Drives school buses in accordance with NM Public Education Department minimum standards
    • Obeys all traffic laws
    • Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school buses
    • Keeps assigned bus clean
    • Checks bus before each operation for mechanical defects
    • Performs proper pre-trip inspection before each operation
    • Reports all accidents and completes required reports
    • Enforces bus rules as set by the Executive Director of Student Transportation
    • Keeps the radio on and trained and knowledgeable of 10 Ten Codes
    • Records transportation data on form provided
    • Exhibits teamwork principles in all areas of the RRPS Student Transportation program

        2.  Must be responsible, dependable and reliable in maintaining training schedules to demonstrate

             strong work ethic.
        3.  Performs other duties as assigned, to include substituting as a bus attendant.


Training & Work Hours:


Training and Work hours will be in accordance with hours determined by the Executive Director of Student Transportation.


Application Procedure:


To complete this application, the following documents must be attached:


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An Equal Opportunity Employer